Front Runner

We are leaders in patents and innovations


Spiral escalators and steam-free rice cookers – only we can do it!

With over 2,500 patent applications annually, Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in research and development – both in Japan and worldwide. We rank second in the world for international patent applications and first among Japanese companies.

The diversity of our business units constantly opens up completely new perspectives for us, leading to new discoveries and synergies. Our researchers in Japan, the USA, Great Britain, France and China focus on various technological topics.

What they all have in common, however, is a human-centric approach to development – naturally taking into account local needs. We also work proactively with universities and other external R&D institutions. This maximizes our research activities.

By the way, there is only one company in the world that manufactures spiral escalators – Mitsubishi Electric. We delivered the first spiral escalator in 1985. Since then, the technology has developed considerably. The main difficulty in building a spiral escalator is the constant change in speed of the individual steps. We have invented our own method to keep the escalator’s movement fluid.