Goodbye to siblings trouble: our robots cut to the gram

We ensure peace at the coffee table!

Solutions - Automation

Our robot duo cuts cake pieces so precisely that no one has to compare anymore. And practically without crumbling.

Together with Western Mechanical Handling (WMH) we have made it possible with an inline cell. This cell cuts and slices food into any shape and size. Important factors for the inline cell were speed, positioning accuracy and ease of operation. The result was a machine that fully meets these requirements. It not only reduces the tendency to crumble, especially when cutting close to the edges, but also the amount of waste. In addition, the inline cell also saves time. Because the process no longer has to be stopped for cutting.

Precision and speed were required. Teamwork and quality components from Mitsubishi Electric are the solution. To be more precise, the compact high-performance PLC MELSEC Q, the GOT2000 operating unit and two robots from the RV-F series make it possible. As a team, they adapt to the belt speed and perform all cuts cleanly and precisely while still in motion.  The repeatability of the robots was particularly important for this. The high-performance blades cut the product without touching the base or the belt. The belt itself must not move up and down either – this is controlled by the frequency converter drives.

By the way, the 6-axis robots with IP65 protection class are ideal for hygienic environments with wet cleaning as standard.

Watch on Youtube the robots in action: