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Start-up for face protection

Solutions - Automation

Free basic package for the production of face masks

Whether plastic or cotton, colorful, with pattern or just white. Single or multiple use. No matter how – mouth-nose-protection is the trend at the moment!

In view of the strong worldwide demand, a global Mitsubishi Electric team has joined to facilitate and support the start of production. Locally and worldwide.
The result is iQ Monozukuri: the FACEMASK package. An extensive library of basic programs, function blocks and servo setups as sample programs.

The software packages for the Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-F and MELSEC iQ-R controllers can be used, copied or adapted directly.
This means that a company can quickly and easily develop a machine for the production of disposable face masks and quickly go into production.

By the way: With the current COVID-19 challenges, we see this as our contribution to society and are happy to make our knowledge available free of charge!


Interested? You can download the user manual and the software packages here: