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Smart Visionaries: Robots Predict Maintenance

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Thanks to intelligent robots, it´s no longer necessary to look inside the glass ball and maintenance is possible long before actual production stops. This not only reduces downtime but also saves money. But that’ s not all – by far….

The days when artificial intelligence only appeared in science fiction movies are definitely over.

Today, one technology trend chases the next. A good example is 3D vision sensor technology. Thanks to machine vision, robots are behaving in an increasingly human way – because they can perceive what is happening around them.

But perhaps one of the most significant trends in AI is predictive maintenance. And you don’t need a glass ball for this. An integrated technology precisely monitors the time each of the robot’s major components is in motion. Not only are service schedules derived from this, but also simulation capabilities for predicting the robot’s lifetime. An estimation of the annual maintenance costs is also possible. But much more can be expected from intelligent robots.

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