When the elevator talks to the vacuum cleaner

Perfect teamwork: For a safe cooperation between man and robot.

Solutions - Communication

When the elevator talks to the vacuum cleaner, it’ s an advantage for all of us.

Whether in the factory or when cleaning the house – robots support us in everyday life. For a safe cooperation, a well-founded teamwork is required. Service robots now have a firm place in our lives – and they will continue to support us increasingly in the years to come.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a technology for controlling mobile robots that are used in buildings for cleaning and security purposes – and even as guides. Dynamic building maps are used to control all the in-building mobilities. The result is perfect harmony between humans, robots and building services engineering.

Hard to imagine?

An example: When service robots use elevators or collide in narrow corridors, the system automatically guides them to the best route to avoid collisions, entering restricted areas or getting into crowded elevators. In addition, elevators and access control systems are connected to each other to coordinate efficient and safe robot movements with people throughout the building. In addition, the system identifies the exact location of the robots, even if they fail. By recording the movements of elevators and robots, the respective locations are localized and visualized on a dynamic building map.

Ultimately, these technologies will play an indispensable role in the near future in realizing intelligent buildings – and in our own four walls.