A safer drive

A safer drive.

Cyber Defense Technology for Connected Cars

Autonomous driving is connected driving. Most modern vehicles have a component called a main unit. It is a powerful computer that controls a wide range of processes, such as advanced driver assistance systems. In networked and autonomous driving, the main unit communicates via the Internet with other vehicles and databases. That makes them susceptible to cyber attacks or malicious remote control. That is why Mitsubishi Electric has developed Cyber Defence Technology for Connected Cars. The multi-layered security technology blocks potential corrupt attempts to access the vehicle from outside. It ensures the main unit boots up safely and guarantees the integrity of the software for all vehicle systems – at maximum speeds and with minimal processor loads.

Navigating safely

Dynamic mapping with artificial intelligence

Autonomous driving requires highly precise map data. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring those maps are always up to date. The Mobile Mapping System and automated mapping technology are Mitsubishi Electric’s answer to the problem. The Mobile Mapping System is mounted on to the tops of vehicles that drive along set routes daily, such as delivery vehicles. A combination of sensors, cameras and lasers collects data along the route in real time (see photo below). This data is then integrated into dynamic maps. Dynamic means that using artificial intellgence, only new information and changes are applied and updated, such as new traffic signs or road markings. With the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System and the Centimeter Level Augmentation Service, which augments atmospheric signal interference, Mitsubishi Electric also provides highly precise position data to bring us all one step closer to a steering-wheel-free future.

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