Eye opener

What does an electric mirror have to do with a soccer field?

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We combine artificial intelligence with an electronic mirror and can thus detect objects from a distance of up to 100 meters – exactly the length of a soccer field.

Developing cameras that can detect objects at great distances is a huge technological challenge. But we have succeeded in extending the maximum detection range to an astonishing 100 meters with an accuracy of 81 percent – both top values! But how? Quite simply with artificial intelligence. To do this, we couple our Maisart® AI technology with an electronic car mirror and have made it possible to detect objects at distances equivalent to the length of a soccer field.

Eye-opening innovation

But what do you need to recognize objects? The answer is visual perception. The model of visual perception is an algorithm that imitates the human ability to perceive and focus on conspicuous objects in our field of vision. At the same time, everything else in our field of vision is faded out, reducing disruptive factors and speeding up decision-making considerably. We have implemented precisely this ability. By using our technology, we can not only recognize objects in real time, but also identify them.

Artificial intelligence is used in many of our products. Mitsubishi Electric brings together the entire range of these AI technologies under the umbrella brand Maisart® *. True to our corporate principle “Original AI technology makes everything smart”, we use our own AI solutions to develop even more intelligent products.

This makes our world even safer and more comfortable.

*Mitsubishi Electric’s AI creates the State-of-the-ART in Technology