Our product heros

Products that make our lives easier and safer.


Every day for almost 100 years!

Our product heroes are our products, which help every day to make life a little safer and easier for us.

Because at the core of all our actions is the promise of our employees to strive daily for the “better” and to improve our technologies, services and creativity in accordance with our corporate philosophy to create the basis for an even better future.

Therefore we develop, produce and distribute solutions for every challenge, in factories, at work, at home, in cities and even in the air.

And our products give their best for you every day:

// The weather satellite Himawai 8 built by us scans the entire earth every 10 minutes and takes 144 photos every day. In this way it contributes to the investigation of weather phenomena and the atmosphere.

// The tsunami early warning system developed by us provides a detailed measurement of the sea level and can detect tsunamis at an early stage with an error rate of 0.1%.

// Our Terminal Doppler Lidar system provides more airplane and flight safety at airports.

// Thanks to our cyber defense technology, networked cars drive more safely.

// Our SIL 2-certified MELSEC iQ-R PLC series ensures more safety standards in public transport.

// With our technology, different types of plastic can be separated and recovered from products – with a purity of 99% and higher.

// Our Swypetalk technology bridges language barriers.

// Because of the current situation, we have partially switched our production to the manufacture of urgently needed face protection shields. Another valuable contribution to a safer world.


By the way, our responsible actions are based on our roots:

Our founder, Yataro Iwaski, has worked with dedication since the foundation of the company in 1921 to give something back to society.

This spirit is:

Shoki hoko: Responsibility for society
Strive to enrich society both materially and spiritually. Preserve the global environment

Shoji ko mei: Integrity and fairness
Maintain transparency and openness. Conduct business according to the principles of integrity and fairness.

Ritsu gyo boeki: International undertsnading through trade
Expand your business based on an all-encompassing global perspective.